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Commercial Activity

Commercial activity Mehrshahr food industry to implement new policies issued by the company to develop commercial activities in the Group's products, in addition to cold storage services, has also started commercial activity to develop export markets at the product level as well as import raw materials for teammate companies. In line with these objectives it cooperates with all manufacturing companies of Sina Food Industries Development Specialized Holding Co. For further information on products of each of the Group's production companies refer to the links below.

Pak Dairy Co.

Manufacturer of dairy products such as pasteurized and sterilized milk, creamer, Yoghurt, butter, cheese, diluted yogurt and desserts

Behnoosh Co.

Manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks


Pakdis Co.

Manufacturer of carbonated drinks, juices and nectars and juices, energy drinks, syrup, vinegar, concentrates, purees and alcohol.


Glucosan Co.

Manufacturer of food products such as sugar, starch, stabilizer (diluted yogurt, yogurt and chocolate milk), a variety of industrial products such as starch, adhesives (z4, z5, z6), livestock foods (gluten, mass meal, corn husks, gluten liquid, various oils such as Golden tussock corn oil and Golden Corn oil


Protein Gostar Sina Co

Manufacturer of sausage products Sausages, burgers, nuggets and packaging products with Ghooshtiran, Arezooman and Etminan brands


Zamzam Co.

Manufacturer of various beverages such as: juices, energy drinks, non-alcoholic beer, beverage, health drinks, sports drinks, water, diluted yogurt with Aras, Arvand, Star, Tarieta, Zamzam, Vita +, Classic, Kalamd brands